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2015 Charm City Spring Explosion



LAST UPDATED: 4/26/15 - 7:30AM EST.

We are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION to work on our 2015 New Improved Website:

During this time we have the following options available for event registration:

1-Call Coach Harshman 443-520-2464 and pay with debit/credit card through our office during this construction period and we will immediately email you a receipt after processing through authorize.net

2 – Print, Complete, and Mail this Registration Form: PDF (Charm City Winter –Spring Tournament Series ) & (2015 CC Spring- Summer Tournament Series) with Check or Money Oder 5 days prior to the event.  Mailing address is in registration form.

Form all other inquiries:


Email mail us at charmcitybasketball@comcast.net  or text 443-520-2464

Spring Break & Summer Camps:

Email mail us at charmcitybasketballcamp@comcast.net  or will.charmcitybassketball@comcast.net  call or text 443-520-7779

Thanks for your patience!


Did You Know?

JEFFHARSHMeet Jeff Harshman – CEO/Director

“Charm City Basketball” has been successful due to the consistent focus on fundamentals, sportsmanship, positive competition and passion for improvement. Our highly experienced staff includes present and past players and coaches to ensure a great experience at every event. I would like to thank all of our previous participants for their enthusiasm and willingness to work with us. I urge everyone to take advantage of our consistent hospitality
throughout this year. We look forward seeing you on the hardwood at one of our 2014/15 events.

Charm City History

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