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What is the News Collector?

The news collector is the location you can go to see all of the articles you have created using the News Slideshow element and the News Aggregator element

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Thanksgivng Hoop Fest (2017)

By Thanksgivng Hoop Fest (2017) 09/17/2017, 11:45am EDT

2018 New Year's Challenge

By 2018 New Year's Challenge 09/17/2017, 11:30am EDT

2018 Winter Slam

By 2018 Winter Slam 09/17/2017, 11:30am EDT

Halloween Jamboree (2017)

By Halloween Jamboree (2017) 09/17/2017, 11:30am EDT

Holiday Classic 2017

By Holiday Classic 2017 09/17/2017, 11:30am EDT